Burning melodies into time and space, Ben Dragon has some fire for your ears.

Euphoric.NET Premiere: Girl From Outer Space

Ben Dragon’s new release “The Girl From Outer Space“ is a prime example of a song that captures that banging’ 4 on the Floor energy while tactfully side-stepping the repetitious monotony that can veer an average listener away from the entrancing vortex that is House music.

I particularly enjoyed the dynamics of Ben Dragon’s composition on this one. He did a phenomenal job of encompassing a wide spectrum of dynamic techniques like breakdowns, build-ups, low-pass filters, modulation and phrasing thus tactfully capturing one’s level of interest throughout the track.

The bassline has an intoxicating pulse and a lively bounce to it, while the synth work taps into the nostalgic sentiments keenly reminiscent of Acid House, plus he even through some 808 era cowbells in there (which tickles my House loving soul). To top it off, the vocal work is quite tastefully done. It features a pitched down male voice (I mean… it is House music after all) coupled with subtle snippets of female vocals sitting perfectly in the background resulting in a well balanced dichotomy between masculine and feminine energies.

Long story short… this shit bumps! No doubt it’s getting a firm spot in my rotation.

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